COVID-19: Landsong fieldwork is being conducted as per our Public Health Emergency Plan for Pandemic Preparedness and the Moberly Lake office has reduced in-office personnel in order to maintain social distancing and to keep with all COVID-19 protocols. Others are working remotely from their homes. We are all committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Environment, Health & Safety

EHS Commitment Landsong’s Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Program is central to our operations and is given our highest priority. Our goal is to promote a positive, healthy and accident free safety culture, to protect the environment and to encourage our workers to participate fully in the development and execution of the program. We hold the ENFORM Certificate of Recognition (COR) and have successfully completed numerous external audits. Landsong is pre-qualified in both ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.

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Your Safe & Responsible Choice

We foster a positive and secure work environment where each individual is valued and is comfortable bringing issues forward for resolution. All Landsong operations are conducted without bias to gender or ethnicity. Our EHS program is successful and continues to evolve as the industry expands and learns from past missteps.

Our employees maintain best business practices, have good judgment and stop and ask for clarification before taking any action if uncertain about a situation. All employees are responsible and accountable to work within the parameters outlined in the Landsong EHS Program and improvements are ongoing. Employees receive comprehensive EHS training upon hire and training continues throughout each employee’s tenure at Landsong.

Landsong’s EHS program includes daily pre-field meetings, on-site tailgate meetings, hazard assessments/job safety analysis (JSAs), comprehensive check-in procedures, post-field evaluations and regularly scheduled company safety reviews and audits. We carry hand-held two-way radios, satellite phones, iPhones and SPOT or inReach Satellite Messengers in the field. Our crews are also equipped with Level 1 First Aid Kits, survival gear, GPS units and H2S or four-head gas monitors.

Our 4×4 vehicles are equipped with two-way radios programmed with all required channels for radio-controlled roads. We have outfitted our trucks with custom-made chassis decks and UTV truck box extensions to accommodate safe loading and unloading of mobile equipment and in doing so have significantly reduced our use of trailers.

Our staff have the following certifications:

  • Occupational First Aid Level I
  • Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement
  • Canada Safety Council ATV Certification
  • Alberta Safety Council UTV Certification
  • Snowmobile Safety Course
  • H2S Alive
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Bear Aware
  • Wildlife Awareness
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Petroleum Safety Training (PST)

We conduct regular inspections of premises, equipment, work methods and practices to correct hazardous conditions if found, and ensure safety.  All hazardous materials are WHMIS labelled and MSDS are provided on premise and with all crews. Trucks, ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles are kept in excellent condition and are subject to daily walk-arounds and regularly scheduled maintenance.

We communicate and follow up on our safety concerns.  Minutes from safety meetings, daily safety forms and incident records are available for review.  We never work alone.  Working in pairs allows for safety and emergency response procedures to be effectively carried out.  Field staff communicate with the Landsong office at regularly scheduled check-in times.

We ensure that all field workers, including Indigenous participants, are prepared with appropriate safety gear (PPE) for every project including CSA approved steel-toed high ankle boots, hard hats, ATV/snowmobile helmets, reflective vests, fire retardant coveralls, eye protection and gloves.

We are always open to ideas, suggestions and improvements.